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To Love Somebody

Bee Gees

Thereís a light certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you

Thereís a way evírybody say
To do each and evíry little thing
But what does it bring
If I ainít got you, ainít got you baby

* You donít know what itís like
You donít know what itís like
To love somebody, to love somebody
The way I love you

In my brain I see your face again
I know my frame of mind
You ainít got to be so blind
And Iím blind, so, so, so very blind

Iím a man canít you see what I am
I live and I breathe for you
But what good does it do
When I ainít got you, 

ainít got you baby



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